фотограф Иван Кочергин
фотограф Иван Кочергин
Ivan Kochergin
Real estate photographer
I am a professional photographer with 10 years of experience. I live and work in Budva, but I am ready to head to you specific location. I carry out interior shooting of apartments, villas, restaurants, sports centers and other properties. I will make so that the room looked the most presentable and attractive. High-quality photos attract customers to your business, help you sell or lease real estate faster and more expensive.

In addition to the shooting itself on the quality of the final result affects image processing. It's a very important and painstaking process, but you will get the finished photos within 2-7 days (depending on the size of the property and the workload).
"You don't take a photograph, you make it"

Ansel Adams

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Quality photos are one of the most important aspects for any business. Whether it's renting, selling a home, a restaurant, a gym or a craft studio. Invest today to make money tomorrow!

  • Ivan is a pleasure to work with. Everything is clear and straightforward, without any fuss. The shooting was easy and uncomplicated. Photos were ready within a couple of days, which impressed me of course. Well, the most important thing is that I've found a buyer for the apartment literally in a week and a half with great new photos, even though before it was standing for two months without anyone noticing it.
  • I ordered the photoshoot of a country house for sale. Since the house was quite far from the city, not all buyers wanted to go to see it. However, after posting new pictures, there was no shortage of potential buyers. After all, good photos are decisive. I have never regretted using Ivan's services. When I need to shoot something else, I'll go only to him, no questions asked!
  • I chose Ivan on the recommendation of an acquaintance who had already contacted him. It was necessary to rent the renovated hall of the restaurant, as we had started to promote the banquet business. It was very easy and pleasant to work with Ivan, the result surpassed all expectations and we began to receive requests almost immediately. After that I also asked him a few times to take pictures of the restaurant menu, and needless to say the photos were great! I will call upon his services many times again and recommend him to all my friends.
  • I needed to make a photoshoot of an apartment for rent. Since rent wasn't cheap, I decided to spend money on a photographer and I wasn't wrong! My ad attracted attention with great photos and I didn't have to wait long for the first tenants. The shooting paid for itself in a week, so if you need high-quality photos, ask for Ivan - it will be the best investment for your money!
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