I am
no-code developer
My name is Ivan Kochergin. I'm a no-code developer. Bubble is my main tool but not rhe one of course. I've done remote work for agencies, developed educational web apps, COVID related apps, food delivery and more. Worked both as a developer and team lead. Constantly develop my hard and soft skills to increase my performance on every project I work.
My skills
Even if your app don't have proper design I can create simple, yet practical design or update an existing one if needed. I have a design background and can make your aweb app look as stunning as possible
With no-code I can create almost any app or MVP faster and cheaper than traditional development. Social network, educational platform, marketplace - you name it!
After launching an MVP of your product I can support it and implement additional features based on beta-testing feedback.
My technology stack
Wy works
International cohort-based educational platform. Users can create and take courses, fill 7 types of lessons with various content, communicate with each other, check progress with statistics and dashboards and much more
Another educational platform. Various brands can create their courses and look for the employees among best students. Many interesting features like having tutors on courses, online translations, tests and many more. Work still in progress, also mobile version is on it's way.
Simple yet effective web site for the italian Restaurant in the heart of Saint-Petersburg. Menu, booking, news, special offers, map and contacts - everything in place.
Recommendation platform for the grownups to determine their best educational path. There a thousands of hand-picked courses feedbacks to study and choose the right course. This project involved a lot of integration like Directual, Airtable, Sendgrid, Integromat, Amplitude and more. Platform itself is made on Bubble core. This project is still in progress and continue to grow and gain new features.
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